Ana Nichoola Curve women's jacket review£159.00

Fashionista cyclewear

BikeRadar score2.5/5

Creating a truly stylish, but equally practical, jacket for serious riding is quite a challenge. The Ana Nichoola range is an attempt to make fashionable riding wear for female cyclists.

The Curve certainly looks different to any other jacket out there, with its unique flaps across the front. On the bike it does seem compromised though – the fit is a little on the short side so it rides up your torso, and the material doesn’t breathe especially well.

Those flaps don’t appear to offer much in practical terms and did, well, flap around. It is water repellent and made in Britain, though, and if you’re after a riding jacket that looks different and you aren’t overly concerned about performance clothing then it might be worth a look.

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