Buffalo Teclite Shirt waterproof jacket review£126.00

Sensible choice

BikeRadar score3/5

Wearing a Buffalo jacket is a little bit like driving around in a Land Rover Defender – it might not earn you many style points with the man in the street but will get subtle nods of approval from those in the know. This is technically a Buffalo shirt, but with a Pertex outer and fast wicking hydrophobic inner layer it works as a good outer layer for the cold winter months.

The fit is superb for mountain bikers, with a lower-cut rear, decent length sleeves, Velcro cuff-fasteners and a good old internal drawcord around the waist. The zippered sides mean you can get a bit of venting too, if things get hot. We’ve had a few decent-sized offs while wearing the Buffalo and have yet to rip it. Combined with a base and mid-layer it’s a superb riding jacket, and is also warm and durable enough to use off the bike too.

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