Gore Bike Wear Cosmo Two Way jacket review£249.99

Reversible commuting waterproof

BikeRadar score3.5/5

Concerns have been voiced that the rise of dark coloured bike gear puts style before safety. This offers, potentially, the best of both worlds. It’s reversible, with fluoro panels on one side, grey on the other.

As you’d expect with Gore, waterproofing is excellent – taped seams, a sealed main zip, and flaps over the rear and chest pockets. The fluoro side has a water repellent treatment so water beads off, and the dark side is still about as waterproof as you can get.

Fit is excellent and breathability is fine, although hard efforts still leave you clammy. Both surfaces have plenty of reflective detail and the fluoro fabric meets European standards for hi-vis workwear, which means it won’t fade. Gore could have been more generous with hi-vis on the front, though.

We also reckon every owner will get caught out at least once by the rear pocket; if you don’t close the inside zip it’s easy to drop whatever you’re placing in the pocket – we’re down a set of keys. And if the worn side gets filthy, will you really to want to turn it inside out? Exclusive to Evans Cycles in the UK.

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