Ground Effect Frosty Boy jacket review£79.00

Warm softshell

BikeRadar score2.5/5

The Frosty Boy is made with Ground Effect’s own Windfoil laminated fleece on the front, sleeves and shoulders to block the breezes. Unusually, though, there’s no surface treatment to deflect water.

It still takes rain a while to strike through, but it’ll start to soak in as soon as it begins to fall. Fortunately, the Frosty Boy maintains its warmth even when wet, and when the rain stops it quickly dries again.

The feel inside is soft, and we’d certainly consider wearing this next to the skin with a light shell in case it rains heavily, rather than the ‘softshell over base layer’ approach. The front zip isn’t full length, but it’s very long – you’ll have no problem pulling this top on over a helmet.

Integrated thumb loops are a Ground Effect trademark, although the Frosty Boy’s sleeves are sufficiently long to make them unnecessary, especially as they tend to pull a chunky seam under the heel of your hand. A pair of zipped rear pockets and some reflective piping complete the package.

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