Maloja Furka jacket review£164.99

'70s vibe

BikeRadar score3.5/5

You either love the 1970s vibe of the Furka, or hate it – in which case move right along. We like it, so it’s a bonus that it works as well on the bike as it looks good off it. A lot of that is down to the SympaTex fabric, which is very light and breathes well so it doesn’t feel like you’re making any performance compromises in return for styling that’s more ‘street’.

We really like the extended cuffs that curve down over your hands and the hood, which packs away into the collar or removes completely. It’s careful detail like this that marks the Furka as a mountain bike specific jacket, and a cut that’s sleek enough to ride in but casual enough to avoid being bike-geek gives it versatility.

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