Maloja Superlight jacket review£109.00

Ideal packaway stretch wind jacket

BikeRadar score3/5

This lightweight and highly packable wind jacket from German bike clothing meisters Maloja (pronounced ma–loy–yah) has been designed with a small amount of stretch in the windproof and water-repellent fabric.

This helps the relatively close-cut jacket work well on fast cross-country rides where you don’t want too much material flapping around. A pair of lockable drawcord adjusters inside the hem allow you to adjust the snugness depending on the weather.

The fabric feels unusually soft and warm on the skin, so doesn’t feel cold or crinkly over a short-sleeve jersey. We’ve used the jacket a lot, and despite initial reservations regarding the long-term durability of its fragile material, it’s still a great blocker of wind and light showers, and is still mercifully hole-free.

Maloja kit isn’t as cheap as some alternatives, but it does have a cut and style that’s rarely found in cycling clothing. If you like quality then you’ll enjoy wearing this jacket.

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