Montane Featherlite Velo H20 jacket review£75.00

Lightweight windproof

BikeRadar score3.5/5

The Montane is a great emergency ‘pack a mac’ shell and isn’t bad for prolonged use either. While it is windproof, the fabric is so light it doesn’t look like it’ll add much in the way of cosiness.

However, it cuts out a lot of wind chill and the taped fabric slows down the speed at which underlayers get wet, significantly boosting body temperature and comfort when you’re caught out in filthy weather.

It breathes better than many cheaper superlight shells too, so you can keep it on as a top layer more of the time without steaming up too badly. The rear vents help cooling too, but only if you’re not wearing a pack over them.

While the featherlight fabric is vulnerable to crash and thorn damage, it’s supplied in a handy stash bag that stops it getting knackered while stowed.

We’ve got one that’s been knocking around for two years without damage. Features are minimal, as you’d expect, but the price is fair considering the high performance-to-weight ratio.

Also consider: Montane Velocity DT 2.0, £130. This superlight jacket uses a fully waterproof and breathable Entrant DT fabric.

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