Polaris Ventor windproof jacket review£49.99

Compromise jacket for running and cycling.

BikeRadar score3/5

The Ventor is aimed at runners and cyclists. Multi-discipline jackets are always a compromise, and this one falls more into the running camp than the cycling. It's a reasonable choice if that fits how you plan to divide your time. 

The lightweight nylon is shower resistant, with a mesh panel in the back, and you get pockets at the rear for cycling and the front for general use; there's an mp3 player pocket at the top of the zip too. 

The Ventor also features a generous helping of reflective panels to aid visibility. The rear is slightly lengthened for cycling, perhaps not quite enough, but my main gripe on the bike was with the arms - they're not long enough and tend to ride up. 

Off the bike it's much more comfortable, and a nice top to run in. 

Wind resistance from the thin fabric was good rather than excellent; this is more a jacket for nippy weather than proper cold days. 

Polaris sizing is normally on the large size to the point where you'd buy a size smaller than usual, but this jacket's not one of their most spacious - your normal size should be just fine.

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