Race Face Tempest jacket review£100.00

Lightweight softshell

BikeRadar score2.5/5

Race Face’s entry into the softshell field is a little different. The company describes it as a “lightweight, wind-resistant” shell, and it’s a considerably thinner fabric than most. It’s not quite as windproof as some of the competition, but it puts up a decent showing against rain, with some healthy beading going on. There’s even a detachable hood.

Fit is on the loose side; it’s comfortable and leaves room for a choice of layers underneath, but can be flappy, especially around the sleeves. Helping to keep them in place are Lycra cuffs with thumb loops, although we found that using them tended to pull the elasticated and Velcro main cuff into an awkward position across the hand.

Also awkward are the zipped vents that run from the underarms across the back of the jacket. They’ve got double-ended zips but they’re tricky to open or close on the move, especially if you’re wearing a pack. You get two front pockets and a small one at the back.

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