Santini 365 Transparent waterproof jacket review£82.50

Semi-transparent weatherproof

BikeRadar score3/5

A semi-transparent jacket overcomes any issues you might have about not being able to match your jersey to your jacket (supposing you’re the sort of rider that’s troubled by such things), but our first thought was that we might look like we were wearing a giant condom. Once you pop it over a jersey, the 365 transforms, and having tucked this neatly into a pocket for many a ride now, we can see why roadies are hooked on such packable protection.

The fabric is waterproof but the seams aren’t taped, so technically the whole jacket isn’t completely water tight, but it does give a lot of weatherproofing for something so lightweight. The cut is slimmer than we’d usually wear on a bike but as the fabric has stretch and it’s shaped for when you’re in the riding position we didn’t ever feel constricted. There are no pockets – this isn’t so much an all-day style as something you take along for emergency use – but racy cross-country (XC) types will love the hardly-wearing-it feel and no-weight portage. It is very skinny though, this usually-a-medium tester was in XL.

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