Carnac Onyx review£94.99

Carnac's entry-level shoe in their 'performance' range

BikeRadar score4/5

The Onyx is Carnac's entry-level shoe in their 'performance' range aimed at racing cyclists and those not wishing to compromise on their club run/training ride efficiency.

Compared with the competition the Onyx seems a little overpriced as is often the case with Carnac but the flip-side is the knowledge that fit, longevity and style re-introduce the value-for-money often lost with the on-the-shelf appeal of rival, feature-packed shoes like the Nike Altea II for instance.

The Onyx is far subtler in execution, disguising the initial glam-sheen of a carbon gel coat within its carbon reinforced black plastic sole. The uppers are carefully broken up to relieve bulk and produce a hardwearing surface to protect against inevitable scuffs and knocks.

The three carbon-reinforced tension straps allow fine tuning of fit from comfort to sprints and the simple inner tongue relieves foot pressure spots previously created by the layers and bulk used in earlier Carnac models. In use the Onyx is not brutally stiff, as with their top-end M5s, but stiff enough to eliminate pedal hot spots.


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