Lake MX85 mountain bike shoe review£76.00

Traditional materials with modern fit and closure technology

BikeRadar score4/5

Lake Cycling’s shoes have a committed following who understand the vision of founder Lee Katz. He believes in blending traditional, quality materials like leather and rubber with modern fit and closure technology. The MX85 is Lake's entry-level clipless shoe, which is perfect for all types of mountain biking.

The full-leather upper provides a tough but supple covering for the shoe, triple Velcro straps keep it firmly on the foot and a thin tongue provides just enough padding for all-day comfort. Our test samples still look like new after some thorough muddings.

The mid-sole is nylon with an injection of glass fibre for extra stiffness. The outsole isn’t from Vibram, a signature Lake feature; you’ll need to go for the MX165 for that. Though it is natural rubber it has better grip on wet roots and rocks over the more slippery plasticised rubbers used on other brands like Specialized and Shimano.

Clipless pedal action is perfect. The MX85 is about as low-profile looking a shoe as it’s possible to buy, but what it lacks in show it makes up for in go. If you’ve never had a pair of Lakes this is a great place to start, it more than likely wouldn’t be your last.

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