Northwave Aerator 3 Shoe review£129.99

Shoe of choice for Tornado Tom Boonen

BikeRadar score4.5/5

"Ratchet, schmatchet!" says Tom Boonen, probably. "Tornado Tom" (we didn't make the name up) prefers the lighter three Velcro straps on his Northwave Aerator 3s as opposed to the standard Aerators which feature two straps and a ratchet.

The Aerator 3s are like the top-of-the-range Aerators in every way - with a full-carbon sole and superb ventilation, which is so good, you definitely need overshoes in the winter. We reckon his gladiator suit in the ad is held together with Velcro, too. Let's start calling him "Velcro-Man". Go on.

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