Dare 2b Crown Dual convertible shorts review£50.00

Twin-layer shorts

BikeRadar score1.5/5

We’ve been really impressed with the Dare 2b cycling jerseys we’ve been wearing during the summer, so it’s tough to break the news that the company’s baggy Dual Crown trail shorts still need work to make it onto our wanted list.

The polyester outer shorts aren’t a problem. In fact, they’re good as an opening effort: well cut and light enough to pedal in all day.

The liner shorts are a different story. They’re possibly the worst-cut Lycra we’ve ever worn, and we’ve worn a lot.

There’s nothing good to say about them: they’re not supportive, so the overly spongy pad won’t stay where it’s supposed to, meaning you’re constantly repositioning the goods when you’re supposed to be concentrating on the trail.

The cut is also a problem. There’s too much fabric, so it wrinkles everywhere, despite the outer shorts being the right size.

If Dare 2b can get the liners sorted then we’d be much happier to recommend these shorts. As it stands, we’ll pass them up. If we’re given more, we’ll bin the liners and wear others that fit like they should.

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