Gore Bike Wear Alp-X GT waterproof shorts review£100.00

Pioneering baggies

BikeRadar score3/5

Gore Bike Wear’s Alp-XT GTs were the first breathable, waterproof shorts on the mainstream market. At the time, they seemed slightly mad, but it didn’t take long for us to be converted to their uses.

Since then, several rival garments have come out, but the Alp-Xs are unchanged. They use ripstop Paclite fabric, which makes them really light. It does feel flimsy compared to some competitors, but the fabric’s as waterproof/breathable as possible, with an effective and long-lasting water-repellent coating.

There’s not a huge amount of shape, and the shorts can bunch up a little at the front. Fit can be tuned with elastic drawcords on the legs. They’re concealed and a little fiddly, but do the job – there’s no point in having waterproof shorts if puddles shoot up your legs.

At the waist, there’s a basic knotted drawcord, and you get a single zip pocket at the back. The Alp-Xs work as well as ever, but they've fallen behind in terms of fit and features.

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