Hope Defcon baggy short review£77.99

Sturdy fabric gives great protection

BikeRadar score4/5

The Hope Defcon is part of a collaborative range of clothing from Hope and Endura. We predict a happy marriage. The almost-stands-up-by-itself-it’s-so-sturdy fabric gives a great sense of protection but is also made comfortably wearable by strategically placed stretch inserts and a full wicking mesh lining.

It’s details like this (and where the input of the Hope riders is apparent) that meant that, even though it’s a relatively heavy short, we still found it comfy enough to ride in. The back curves properly high and, combined with the adjusters that pull in a back-to-front direction, it makes for a snug, no-snag fit where you need it. However, because of the easy leg cut and stretch panels you still get plenty of movement too. We like.

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