iXS Liwei Laidback baggy short (11) review£50.00

Euro whacky shorts for trail goddesses

BikeRadar score3/5

iXS is a relatively newbrand in the UK and its styling is on the wilder side of Euro whacky.While it’s a welcome relief to test legwear that’s not boring black, there are ways of making white bike shorts that don’t see them permanently grubby after the first wet ride. A dark seat panel would have made all the difference but as they stand they’re for dry days only.

There’s no liner shorts included and the fit reflects the casual/downhill target market – a long 13in inseam works well with knee pads and offers great crash protection. A low-waisted cut is flattering off the bike but minimal rise at the rear means there’s little lower back coverage.

A drawstring manages waist size and the lack of more sophisticated volume adjustment means that unless fit is perfect, you’ll need to add a belt to stop them slipping down as you pedal. The polyester fabric has an oddly plasticky feel but they’re kept surprisingly light and cool thanks to a full mesh lining and have proven tough, too.

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