iXS Nepean Pro waterproof shorts review£50.00

Durable and unpretentious

BikeRadar score3/5

First impressions of the Nepean weren't overly favourable – the shape is almost a perfect rectangle and the fabric, although smooth on the outside, feels very rubbery on the inside. It isn’t the most breathable but does have a certain non-stick quality when it comes to mud.

There aren’t a huge number of features – a drawcord waist and hem adjusters that allow you to tweak the legs to reduce the flap factor. But we aren’t big fans of products with lots of bells and whistles, especially when they're clearly trying to provide a pricepoint option when simplicity of cut and rigorous attention to function are enough.

That’s where these shorts won us over – the inside back waistband has a strip of rubber gripper, which ensures they stay up and don’t part company with whatever is underneath. So, not the most breathable, or the most sophisticated in terms of cut but for £50 you get something unpretentious that’s durable, keeps your backside dry and by dint of a length of gripper elastic, stays up. What else is there to add? They work.

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