IXS Shepard Laidback shorts review£49.99

Waterproof baggies

BikeRadar score2/5

The Shepard is really more of an overshort rather than an everyday summer riding short. The cut is boxy with very little shape. A low back combined with our pet hate, the drawcord waist, means that getting the fit right was difficult. Plus, we found it pulled across the legs and felt quite constricting through the thighs.

However, the fabric is waterproof and shrugs off muddy splashes with ease. It will eventually wet out – although moisture never came right through in our test – but does dry out quickly afterwards.

There’s a wicking mesh lining so that you can wear the shorts next to your skin, but we found it warm worn like that. It works better as a choice to pull on over three-quarter lengths in cooler, mucky weather.

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