Royal Racing Sub 10 shorts review£40.00

Lightweight, hard riding trail shorts

BikeRadar score3.5/5

These 100 percent polyester knee-length shorts are a versatile choice. They’re baggy enough to wear over knee pads but not flappy sans pads, making them good for both trail and all-mountain riders.

In use they’re secure, and stay put thanks to a comprehensive closure ensemble. This includes some of the best press-studs we’ve come across – with a double-click to lock them shut – a Velcro fly, belt loops and some good Velcro waist cinch tabs.

They’re linerless, though, so if you need an inner, you’ll have to factor that into the overall cost. As they stand, there are better value general cross-country options out there for £40, but we feel few trail/all-mountain alternatives are as good.

Royal Racing claim the Sub10s are water resistant, and although they do fend off the worst of light showers, don’t expect them to keep you particularly dry in a downpour. 

The two deep mesh pockets are fine for holding light objects, such as gloves and glasses wipes, but not so good for heavy or sharp items. Sizing is on the large side, so we recommend trying before you buy in case you need a small size.

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