Specialized Trail baggy shorts review£50.00

Understated all-rounders

BikeRadar score3/5

These understated shorts come with a detachable mesh liner that’s light enough to keep you feeling minty fresh even when you’re cranking up the power.

The leg grippers aren’t the highest quality but the seat pad has a soft inner face and it’s fast drying. It’s a bit short on cushioning though. The durable nylon outer has a seamless, stretchy crotch area so there are no ridges to compromise the feel.

More stretch panels in the yoke have enough give for reaching forward to the bars, and then shrink back to avoid the ‘elephant’s arse’ look when you get off the bike.

We had to keep the elasticated waistband hoisted fairly high to stop snagging when sliding off the back of the saddle but there’s a drawcord in there to adjust the it that works pretty well.

You get two jeans-style pockets on the hips and securely closed patch pockets on the side of each leg, so there’s plenty of space for safely squirrelling away ride essentials.

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