Assos S5 Bib Shorts review£180.00

Serious shorts at a serious price

BikeRadar score3.5/5

A stratospheric price tag for a pair of shorts, but the function makes it worth the investment. The shorts to buy if you spend more time riding than anything else and have tons of cash burning a hole in your pocket.

Highs: The turquoise pad is covered in small dimples, but no other obvious features to explain why you’ve spent a fortune. 

Start riding, though, and the pad seems to disappear under the pressure of being sat on, yet ensures a consistently comfortable and cool ride. 

The upper back portion is made from a breathable fine net, while the straps are Lycra.

Neverthelkess, this is a massive price tag for a relatively fragile garment. The straps have a tendency to ‘rope’ over the shoulders, too.

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