Craft Performance bib shorts review£50.00

High-quality bum sock

BikeRadar score4.5/5

These high quality bib shorts from Swedish company Craft have Volvo durability and Ikea design cleanliness.

Craft’s top-of-the-line bib shorts have a seamless antimicrobial pad that’s well shaped and positioned, with no lumps of pad poking out the back or bunching in the crotch.

The pad is also used in the shorts Craft supplies to its Tour de France sponsored teams.

The seams are all flat-stitched to avoid chafing. Craft’s own C333 fabric is an 80 percent  polyamide (nylon) and 20 percent Lycra mix which offers plenty of muscle support, and sports a smart, dull matte finish.

We’d like a small rear pocket to stash a gel or two for those light and fast rides. As with all bib shorts, the straps have a tendency to ‘rope’ over the shoulders.

If you’ve never worn bike shorts with bib braces, do yourself a favour and try some – they offer better coverage and fit than standard shorts.

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