Rapha Women's Shorts review£135.00

Lycra for ladies

BikeRadar score3.5/5

The extra money that you pay for Rapha kit usually gets you gorgeous attention to style as well as excellent quality of manufacture. Here, though, you’re paying top whack for something that is, essentially, only as stylish as Lycra shorts can get.

There are touches designed to raise them above the crowd, including variable depths of padding in the well shaped pad, silicone grippers around the hems and a strip around the rear and sides of the waistband, as well as a flat front for extra comfort.

But we found that the non-waistbanded front is too elastic and tends to roll over, while the gripper at the rear is a bit too, er, grippy and gets sweaty rather easily. The pad is comfortable though, and the longish length is flattering.

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