Santini Gia Car5 bib shorts review£135.99

Feature-packed bibs

BikeRadar score4/5

Italian company Santini have a huge number of shorts in their range, with these feature-packed bibs sitting towards the top.

The material, aside from a pretty standard mix of nylon and elastane, has two percent of carbonlast in the mix, which is claimed to increase rider endurance and reduce lactic acid build-up – hmm …

What proved really popular, though, was Santini’s own antibacterial Intech anatomical chamois which combines gel and various thicknesses of foams to create a very comfortable perch for your undercarriage.

Good to see a rear pocket and plenty of reflective material – two strips of piping on each side and a large triangle on each leg. The grippers were smooth but firm, resulting in the shorts staying firmly in place at all times.

About the only thing we weren’t keen on was that the front is slightly higher than average – not a big issue, but it made call-of-nature breaks a little trickier.

We found the sizing was spot on though, which isn’t always the case with Italian-made kit. One final touch is that these come in a square tin. Nice – though it’s just slightly too short to keep your spaghetti in afterwards!

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