Sugoi RSE women's bib shorts review£110.00

Comfortable enough for all-day use

BikeRadar score4.5/5

However wide and flat the waistband of a ‘normal’ pair of shorts, they are never going to  compete with well designed bib shorts in terms of comfort when bending forward on a bike.

New to the Sugoi range, the RSE bib shorts are beautifully contoured to give a superb female-specific fit. This is achieved with a large number of well-thought out panels.

These are  flat stitched – not only preventing the seams from rubbing but enhancing the look of the shorts. When you’re standing, the straps feel a bit short, but on the bike – where it matters – they're just right.

The wide straps running down the front are held in position  with a clasp, and though this is placed relatively high it is flat and smooth, and went completely unnoticed when riding. The pad is excellent, providing comfort where it is needed without the bulk; unusually it features an integrated mesh to increase airflow.

There's a pouch to the right at the base of the back and an elastic loop on  top of the right shoulder – perfect for stashing an iPod and listening to tunes during those intense turbo sessions. These shorts are slightly longer than most, coming up just above the knee.

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