Impsport skinsuit (short sleeve) review£48.00

Essential time trial clothing

BikeRadar score4/5

A skinsuit is a worthwhile upgrade for even the slowest time triallist. That’s because it streamlines the least aero element on the bike – you – and gives a good return in terms of time saved versus money spent.

This Impsport skinsuit costs barely more than a jersey. Unlike separates, there’s no raised overlap at the waist, no back pockets to catch the breeze and the jersey can’t ruck up into inefficient wrinkles. The synthetic chamois is comfortable and the Lycra is well stitched.

If you select the smallest size that you can get into and still breathe easily, like we did, you’ll inevitably strain the stitching more at the waist-deep zip and shorten the suit’s lifespan. But as with quicker, more fragile tyres, that’s a price you pay for going faster.

Sizing is British, from S-XXXXL in men’s and XXS-XL in women’s. Simple, single colours (black, green, navy, purple, red, royal, silver grey, turquoise, or white) with a discreet logo mean that you can use the skinsuit in open events. There’s also a children’s version.

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