Cannondale winter mid socks review£8.00

Exceptional, cosy cold-weather socks

BikeRadar score4.5/5

It's not easy to get excited about socks – but these are exceptional. Once on, you won't want to take them off.

They feel comfortably snug thanks to the stretchy foot-hugging fabric, with multi-layer padding providing extra softness under the heel and ball.

The dark grey and red colour combo looks good and is sensible for wet winter riding or muddy mountain bike forays, and they come up clean in the wash.

After lots of use they're showing a few loose thread ends, but nothing structural and certainly no toes peeking through.

The mid 5.5in height is just enough to cover the base of the Achilles and they go well under tights, without looking all Lance Armstrong if you're in shorts.

They're supposed to fit normally with shoes, but we found them a bit thick for close fitting race shoes.

The micro-acrylic and polypropelene material wicks sweat, but more importantly in winter, keeps you warm too.

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