X-Socks Biking Ultra Light socks review£10.00

Super-comfy high tech socks

BikeRadar score4/5

These are really comfortable socks and it's amazing how much technology Teutonic clothing meister X-Bionic can squeeze into a humble sock.

The Biking Ultra Lights are made from lightweight wicking yarn with mesh channels running through the sock to keep your feet sweat-free.

Padded areas for the heel, toes and instep are designed to protect you from pressure points and skin irritation, while the socks also feature compressive sections to provide support for the ankle.

The long and the short of it is these are darn comfy socks.

If you’re used to wearing tight-fitting shoes and thin socks, all that padding may feel like it’s squeezing your toes.

The prominent bright orange detailing won’t be to everyone’s taste, either.

If you love comfy feet, or you like to blind others with stories about your socks, you need a pair of these.

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