X-Bionic Race Shirt jersey review£145.00

An expensive performer

BikeRadar score4/5

The X-Bionic race shirt uses a knitted polyester fabric that is both form-fitting and supportive. And it goes that bit further than most race jerseys, too. X-Bionic have varied the density of the knit within the garment to build in areas of breathability and to create sections of compression across the midriff, lower back and at the sides. The jersey also features a full length zip - great for hotter days. The race fit is aided in the comfort stakes by the brilliant soft touch fabric. It stayed remarkably dry even when we were perspiring profusely on a hot day's climbing.

There’s no getting away from the fact that this is one seriously expensive jersey. That said, it uses the latest generation of polyester which combines the soft touch feel and comfort of the best Merino wools, with the breathability of top range polyester weaves. All with the added bonus of a supportive, almost compression-like, fit. With X-Bionic and Santini using this all-new fabric so brilliantly, we suspect that one day all cycling jerseys will be made this way. Hopefully, that’ll mean the pricing will enter more realistic realms, too!

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