De Marchi Contour Plus Ultra tights review£184.99

Vital winter warmth

BikeRadar score4/5

The front panels of these tights are made from a fleece-backed windproof fabric that’s extremely water resistant, giving you excellent weather protection.

The Lycra upper bib doesn’t provide the highest level of warmth, but the fleecy material extends up far enough to keep unwanted draughts off your lower back, and lab testing showed that these are the pick of the bunch for leg insulation.

The windproof panels are stretchy, so the fit is close without much wrinkling as you pedal, although you notice on milder rides that they’re not as breathable as some.

There’s only a little reflective material and it’s not positioned well for riding on the left-hand side but, on the plus side, most seams are flat-stitched so there’s no chafing. The stretchy seatpad provides decent cushioning and comes with deep channels that let moist air escape.

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