DHB Finchdean 3/4 bib tights review£54.74

Value packed garment

BikeRadar score4/5

DHB are phasing out their Finchdean tights for 2011 in favour of the new Pace range so the price of the 3/4s has dropped to £54.75, which is impressive for what you get.

They combine Fieldsensor fabric with conventional Lycra in the bottom half, and there’s a lightweight mesh bib section up top. Multi-panel construction ensures a good fit. A potential downside of lots of panels is lots of seams, but they’re all flatlocked and unobtrusive.

The Finchdeans have broad Lycra cuffs at the bottom of the legs; it’s a different solution to stopping the legs riding up, and it works fine. Inside is a moulded Coolmax gel pad with ventilation channels, which proved impressively comfortable over longer rides.

Our sample pair came in the red/black colour scheme, which certainly stands out but is perhaps a little on the superhero side for most mountain bikers. Fear not, though – they’re also available  in plain black, blue or white.

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