Ground Effect Snake Bite tights review£120.00

Snug bibs from the merino masters

BikeRadar score4/5

While most manufacturers are keen to reduce the bulk and warmth of the bib part of their bib tights by using thin mesh fabrics, Ground Effect have gone completely the other way with the Snake Bites.

Instead of bib straps, the Snake Bites have what’s effectively a built-in merino wool vest, with a high neck and back. It’s a clever way of getting an extra thermal piece without the extra bulk of another layer.

Of course, there’s also a long front zip – otherwise the Snake Bites would be almost impossible to get on. The fleecy Lycra of the legs is thinner than most, but is still more than adequately warm. The top and bottom halves of the tights integrate neatly, putting no pressure on the waist.

Ground Effect haven’t gone to town with panels on the legs, so there’s a bit of bunching behind the knees and not as much shape as there could be. Long ankle zips make the tights easy to get on and off, and you get Ground Effect’s trademark reflective logos on the back of the calves.

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