Louis Garneau Gemini tights review£100.00

Super-soft pad cover

BikeRadar score3.5/5

The Gemini is a mix of something called HeatMaxx and Light WindDry 2 – in other words warm and wind/water resistant in strategically placed panels. Well cut and shaped panels are important when longs incorporate windproofing because fabrics that keep wind and water out are less flexible than soft warm ones, so there’s not much ‘give’ to provide fit.

The cut is good – we found that the way the shaping has been designed means that the legs sit good and close with no baggy parts or cold spots. They’re a warm ride – but on cold damp days having that extra degree of water resistance makes a big difference. Ankle zips makes them easier to put on and sit properly away from the ankle bone so we weren’t aware of them when riding.

The pad cover is super-soft but it doesn’t have a lot of flex channels, and in riding we found that means it takes longer to ahem, ‘bed in’. The Geminis are no-fuss winter riding kit and our only niggle was that the windproof fabric extends too far behind the knee and is prone to rucking up.

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