Mavic Echappe tights review£117.00

Roubaix winter tights

BikeRadar score2.5/5

The Echappes are non-bib tights made from authentic Roubaix fabric (with water-repellent Teflon coating) that’s notably softer in feel than most of the Roubaix-style material generally used. As well as lacking a bib, they also come without a pad, as these tights are designed to be pulled on over shorts and taken off again if conditions improve.

While bibs will always win the comfort prize, the Echappes put up a good fight, and the broad waistband leaves no pressure points. The panels are also thoughtfully designed for excellent fit around the legs. There’s no waist adjustment, though, so watch the sizing. Ankle zips aid the putting on and taking off, although they’re quite short.

There are reflective tabs on the backs of the legs, and one at the centre at the back. So far, so good. Then you get to the price, which, for a non-padded, non-bib tight, is startling. There are great fully featured bib tights available for less money, which rather leaves the Echappes struggling to find their niche.

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