Mavic Stelvio 3/4 tights review£140.00

Top quality fit

BikeRadar score4/5

The Mavic Stelvio 3/4s are expensive, but the panel construction gives an exceptional fit – it makes a difference if you don’t have to rely totally on stretch to give the perfect degree of snugness.

The fabric is plush and warm Super Roubaix. We love the feeling of it but the outside has more sheen than we’d like, although that makes it easier to layer. The upper bib is a lighter weight mesh. A big plus for non-shaven-legged mountain bikers is that the deep leg hem has an Exo Grip gripper that holds everything in place without pulling hair.

The pad is fantastic – broad but seamless through the seat and with different densities of thickness, according to need in different places. On the bike it has an unobtrusive comfort that we found better than something more obviously cushion-like.

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