Nalini Coppolo tights review£100.00

For less techy rides

BikeRadar score3/5

The Coppolos are made from Vuelta and as a result are very warm, with an instant ‘ah’ factor that could just nudge you over the deciding line on a chilly winter start. Shaping through the leg is good, so even though the material has lots of stretch, you don’t rely on it to get the right fit and we found them friction-free and comfortable even on long days out.

Overall warmth is enhanced by the use of the same fabric in the bib section. The ankle zips have a chunky pull curve so that they don’t bump tender ankle bones. The only thing that we found detracted from the comfort through the legs was the seam at the back of the knee, which this tester could feel. We’d just recommend double checking that fit point.

The pad flexes well and has lots of cushioning under the sit bones in the rear. If you’re sitting down on top of it you’re well supported, but mountain bikers tend to move around over the saddle and our experience was that caused the pad to move too, making it best for less techy rides.

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