Polaris 3 Quartz tights review£37.00

Competent budget option

BikeRadar score2.5/5

The 3 Quartz tights are simple and cheap, and this shows in their average performance. They use the fleecy-backed Roubaix-Lycra blend which nearly every pair of tights used to be made from. The material is great for warmth and comfort, although it can feel heavy when wet.

If you’re only just venturing into the world of Lycra, the somewhat leotard-esque appearance of bibs may be offputting, even though you’re likely to hide them under baggies, making waist tights – like these – the obvious choice.

Once you’ve sampled bibs, though it’s hard to go back. Nothing’s as comfy or secure in fit, and the absence of a waistband really does make a big difference.

A narrow band holds the 3 Quartz tights up, while silicone grippers prevent them riding up. The multi-panel cut is fairly simple, without much shape to the knee, although fit is generally fine. The padded seat – a Coolmax pad with Silver antibacterial technology – is surprisingly decent, though.

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