Santini 365 Top Easy 3/4 tights review£75.00

Cosy tights

BikeRadar score2.5/5

The 365 is made from very stretchy and warm Super Roubaix. You feel instantly warm when you pull them on, although we found them comfortable and not too hot in the relatively mild temperatures of early autumn. The design is a simple four panel one, which means it relies on the stretch of the material to move with your legs.

It’s comfortable though and as the next-to-skin feel is so good that may be enough for you, but it does give a very smoothed-on ‘ballet tights’ appearance that’s not for the faint hearted. Some more panels and seam detail would break up all the skintight indignity, but keep them for under baggies and you’ll spare your blushes.

The chamois isn’t deeply plush but we liked its lower profile – it stays neatly in place and doesn’t migrate with every weight shift. The cover is perforated, in our experience it’s a feature that helps prevent heat build-up, which even in winter can happen once you’ve layered up. Happily there’s an anti-bacterial finish too – not that we tested the limits of that but we always like to see it.

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