Sugoi RS 3/4-length tights review£100.00

Brilliant bib knickers

BikeRadar score4.5/5

Three-quarter bib tights (or, as some manufacturers like to call them, knickers) are such a staple of a year-round riding wardrobe that we reckon it’s worth spending some serious money on them. Even that rationale sounds a little thin in the face of the Sugoi RS’s £100 pricetag. They are excellent, though.

Panel count doesn’t tell you everything about the fit of tights but, in general, more is better, and the RS has many, many panels. The contrasting stitching holding them all together makes the look a little Tron-esque, although we tend to wear a pair of baggies on top of our bibs anyway.

At first glance, the bib section looks like it’s made of the same fabric as the legs, but it’s a lighter, perforated mesh that packs more holding power than some tights with very light mesh bibs. Fit is excellent, with no loose, baggy or unduly tight areas.

Inside, a seam-free, two-piece, dual-density, well-shaped, perforated chamois gets air moving down below. It’s an impressively comfy pad, although the thickness takes a little getting used to. We’re still using five-year-old pairs of the Sugoi RS bibs. Looked at that way, the price doesn’t seem quite so daunting.

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