Howies Epic Drover jeans review£95.00

Waterproof jeans

BikeRadar score3/5

These Drover jeans are made from the same Epic waterproof and windproof fabric as Howies’ Towpath trousers. They’re not specifically designed for riding in, but they are light and comfy enough to wear all day, and the water- and windproof properties have clear advantages for riding.

The cut is looser than jeans we’d pick to ride in, but they’re designed for bikers who’ll ride to work in them, dig dirt jumps in them, have a pint in them, and generally just wear them all day.

We loved the windproof nature of the fabric, and although they’re not waterproof to the point of having sealed seams, we could plod around in hammering rain and muddy car parks without them doubling in weight and chafing. We stayed warm, comfy and dry all the time.

As with most dark denim, the colour will run if you wear them with white T-shirts and trainers – and don’t say we didn’t warn you about sitting on light-coloured fabric sofas. That’s our only quibble really, although we’d love to see a heavier-duty version that would really thrive in the hands – or on the legs – of mechanics and other mucky types.

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