Howies Stoker jeans review£80.00

Stretchy trews for urban riders

BikeRadar score4/5

Who cycles in jeans apart from dirt jumpers? Short-distance urban cyclists, that’s who. These slim fit, button-fly jeans are well stitched from stretch denim, made from 99 percent organic cotton and one percent polyurethane.

The slight give in the fabric means that the seams don’t saw into your soft bits when you’re cycling like normal high street jeans can. But they’re not really ‘cycling trousers’; they don’t have a reinforced seat or seamless crotch.

As jeans go, these are better for riding in than anything you’ll find in the fashion shops. But they are definitely jeans first, bike gear second. They’re available in sizes 30-38in waist, and two leg lengths, R (32in) and L (34in).

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