Bam Activewear Women's Underlayer review£35.00

A Really comfortable early/late summer jersey or baselayer for cooler days

BikeRadar score4/5

This long sleeve bamboo-mix women’s top makes a really comfortable early/late summer jersey or baselayer for cooler days.

It’s not specifically for riding (Bam says a cycling top is in the pipeline) and it’s not particularly long. That means your back can be exposed if you’re head down and going for it, but it works well for most riding. Its casual looks are good for leisure rides to the pub too.

Merino wool is often touted as the best natural fabric for cycling, but more people are cottoning on (boom boom!) to bamboo as a material with good wicking capabilities, and good green credentials.

Bamboo fibres are is combined here with 25 per cent cotton and 5 per cent Lycra and the fabric feels quite heavy compared to a polyester top. You wouldn’t wear it for your personal best attempt  but it’s very soft on the skin, unlike merino which can be itchy.

According to Bam, bamboo is antibacterial, antifungal and anti-static, and we’ve certainly found it has less ‘whiff’ about it than some polyester tops, but it does take longer to dry than polyester.

The Activewear top is available in various colours and men’s versions too, and Bam also makes short sleeve Ts, vests, and even bamboo knickers and socks. 

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