Green Knickers review£25.00

Good for the environment, and your rear end

BikeRadar score4/5

Green Knickers has two aims – to sell lots of underwear, and to promote a green way of thinking.

It’s off to a good start with its flagship product – ‘Cycle More’ padded knickers and boxer shorts for cyclists. I got my mitts on a pair of the knickers, complete with removable velcro pad, and was pleasantly surprised. The promise was of a super-soft, sport friendly fabric, thanks to a combo of naturally antiseptic bamboo and organic cotton.

I wore mine on a 13 mile ride into work and the velcroed on padding didn’t slip or come unstuck. The comfort of the ride was a match for my usual padded underwear, and I liked the feel of the fabric, compared to the manmade fibres of my padded tights and shorts.

Due to the length of the ride, I needed a shower at the end, so I didn’t carry on wearing the knickers the same day, sans padding. But when I gave them a run without the extra protection they fitted well under a pair of jeans and I liked the hipster cut.

The Cycle More design might have a tongue in cheek slogan and a funky logo, but they’re seriously green, thanks to the mix of 70 per cent bamboo and 30 per cent organic cotton.

The knickers cost £25, as do the boxers.

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