BBB BHB 51 aero bars review£89.95

Clip-on extensions

BikeRadar score3/5

BBB's affordable clip-on extensions prove you don’t need to bankrupt yourself to get an easily adjustable aero setup on your bike. However they’re not very light.

While a lot of cheaper bars use an ‘over the top’ extension clamp, which invariably means a higher arm position, the BBBs use an underslung clamp. The S-bend extensions then snake up steeply to provide a level hand position.

The well-shaped, firmly padded arm rests attach with a single clamp bolt, which gives fore and aft positions and you get good angle adjustment. The arms they sit on are angle- and width-adjustable too and the hinged bar clamp comes with shim inserts for standard diameter bars.

The single-bolt clamps do need careful tightening to be secure, but torque ratings are etched on where appropriate and the extensions have cut markers too. At 606g they’re very heavy though, which will put weight watchers off.

This article was originally published in Triathlon Plus magazine.

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