Easton Aero Force Mod Aero Bars review£202.98

Adjustable tri bars

BikeRadar score3/5

This combo comes as an aluminium bar mount kit (£62.99) – the shot-peened clamp section and the armrests – with separate carbon S-bend extensions (£139.99). To keep the cost down, you can go for heavier alloy extensions which are much cheaper at £19.99.

The armrests are deeply scooped and very comfy – we had no problem staying down on them throughout our longest rides – and you get a load of scope for tweaking their position including a useful amount of fore/aft movement. Slide the super-strong unidirectional carbon extensions in, adjust the reach and you’re good to go.

Bear in mind, though, the S-bends only bring the ends of the bars up to the same level as the armrests because the extensions clamp underneath your base bar. These fit 31.8mm bars, or you can use the shims provided for use with 26.0mm models.

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