Zipp Vuka aerobar review£699.00

Light but expensive carbon time trial bar

BikeRadar score3.5/5

Stylish, light, adjustable and comfortable, the Vuka Aero aerobars will suit almost everyone. The price may not.

Some aerobars hand holds can be a little too high but the Vuka’s delta wing base bar is low enough to keep you perfectly placed when launching into the starting effort of a time trial. At 42cm wide they’re just about right for everyone.

The carbon extension tubes are locked tightly to the base bars using an internal expanding cinch. Adjustments to its reach are made by turning an aluminium bomb-shaped nut on the back end of the tubes and fixed using a neat looking red anodised tool that fits onto a key ring. 

The padded arm rests are the best in the business by a comfortable margin and adjustments for their width settings are made using an Allen key.

The integrated brake levers work well with all calliper brakes and if the chicane extension tubes tested don’t suit your requirements then straight ones are available for additional cost.

Zipp could never be accused of cutting corners with these stunning new carbon fibre aerobars, but at a quid shy of £700 it will take someone with strong brand loyalty to accept the considerable asking price, even though they are the lightest we’ve tested at 860g.

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