Kurve CNC Brakes review£179.99

Café stop pulling power and decent stopping power

BikeRadar score4/5

These eye-catching stoppers from Kurve are further proof that the anodised and CNC-machine-induced hangover of the last millennium has been cured. Bling is back big time, and brakes are as good a place as any to start pimping your ride.

Besides the intricate machining and red anodising, two important technical features make them stand out from the crowd: the incorporation of a ball bearing retainer between the 6061T aluminium calliper halves, and an ingenious offset lever cam.

The bearings provide an exceptionally smooth feel through the initial lever stroke, while the cam gives decent power and linear brake response, while keeping the overall lever arm length and protrusion to a minimum.

The cam divides the extra leverage evenly between the two calliper halves by being attached to the rear half at its fulcrum, while simultaneously leveraging the forward half of the brake via a stainless steel roller. Nifty.

In real world terms, braking power was on a par with other modern day single pivot side-pulls, such as Campagnolo’s rear calliper, or Zero Gravity’s offerings, with minimal flex and good modulation.

Brake pads are cartridge style, and the compound proved effective in all weather, particularly in mildly damp conditions where a little moisture on the rims actually increased their grabbing power.

Toe-in is achieved through a concave/convex interface, and although the light titanium return spring can’t be adjusted, centering the calliper is easy enough with either a 4mm Allen key or a 13mm cone wrench.

Go on, ’ave em! (Make Xzibit proud!)

The brakes weigh 104g (front) and 102g (rear) – titanium, pads and bolt included – and come in red or black, with black pads.

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