The Hive REVL Carbon brakes review£279.99

Lightweight single-pivot stoppers

BikeRadar score4/5

These brakes are a single-pivot design, with a rocker style arm (with the imaginative name of the Rockarolla), claimed to offer the power and feel of a dual-pivot brake.

The rocker is available in two lengths, catering for two different lever to calliper ratios. The 1.3 ‘leverage ratio’ rocker is for all brake levers, and the 1.4 rocker is for Shimano Dura-Ace 7900 and Ultegra SL 6700, although the 1.4 can be run with any kind of brake if you like a slightly softer lever feel.

The full-carbon-fibre arms run on bushings, which perform smoothly, and all the fittings are either aluminium alloy or titanium alloy. The result is a very nice feel at the lever and plenty of controllable stopping power (using the supplied SwissStop pads) in one of the lightest brakesets in the world (235g/pr).

We’re not convinced with the spring rubbing directly against the underside of the arm, but if the arm starts to wear, or anything untoward happens, we’ll let you know.

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