TRP EuroX Cyclocross brakeset review£99.99

Cantilever brakes for rough riding

BikeRadar score4.5/5

At a sniff under £100 for a full setup, the aluminium EuroX could be seen as the runt of TRP’s cyclocross litter, but we’d disagree as they offer equal stopping power to their high-end siblings the EuroX Magnesiums.

They aren’t as desirable as the range-topping set but they are half the price and still only 144g per wheel (Mags are 103g), a fair compromise for a product with so many quality touches.

Machining and finishing on all the components is first rate and once bolted on, adjusting pad toe-in is made easy by curved pad-mounting washers, while barrel adjusters built into the straddle cable stop allow fine tuning of cable tension.

Out in the mud the EuroXs give a crisp and positive feel at the lever and ample modulation, along with plenty of mud clearance. The downside is that even with meticulous setting up the TRPs never feel as powerful as some short arm cantilever designs do.

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